MIT Unit Affiliation:
Lab Affiliation(s):
Schuh Group
Post Doc Sponsor / Advisor:
Christopher Schuh
Areas of Expertise:
  • Mechanical Behavior
  • Porous Metals
  • Shape Memory Alloys
Date PhD Completed:
February, 2011
Expected End Date of Post Doctoral Position:
September 30, 2015

Nihan Tuncer

  • Post Doctoral

MIT Unit Affiliation: 

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Lab Affiliation(s): 

Schuh Group

Post Doc Sponsor / Advisor: 

Christopher Schuh

Date PhD Completed: 

Feb, 2011

Top 3 Areas of Expertise: 

Mechanical Behavior
Porous Metals
Shape Memory Alloys

Expected End Date of Post Doctoral Position: 

September 30, 2015


Research Projects: 

Nanoscale Superelastic Alloys for Integration into Flexible Armor

Thesis Title: 

Structure-Property Relationship in Titanium Foams

Thesis Abstract: 

Porous structures have been of interest due to their extraordinary mechanical and
functional properties over the past few decades. Titanium and its alloy foams is
one of the most popular metallic foams on account of their excellent mechanical
properties, chemical stability, and biocompatibility. In this PhD thesis, titanium
foams with different pore morphology, pore size and porosity ranging between
140 μm – 2 mm, 35 – 75 %, respectively were produced by space holder method.
Changes in architectural features such as pore size and cell wall thickness
distributions, cell wall porosity, before and after sintering, were investigated by
the use of x-ray microtomography. Sintering was found to increase mean cell wall
thickness measured due to closure of cell wall pores. Increasing spacer fraction
and decreasing spacer size resulted in denser cell walls due to enhancement in
compaction and sintering. Effect of foam architecture on mechanical properties,
energy absorption capacity and strain-rate sensitivity was investigated
systematically. It has been demonstrated that the most significant effect on
mechanical properties belongs to cell morphology.

5 Recent Papers: 

N. Tuncer, G. Arslan, “Designing compressive properties of titanium foams”, Journal of Materials Science, Volume 44, Issue 6 (2009), pp. 1477-1484.

N. Tuncer, B. Tasdelen. G. Arslan, “Effect of Passivation and Precipitation Hardening on Processing and Mechanical Properties of B4C – Al Composites”, Ceramics International 37 7 (2011) pp. 2861-2867.

N. Tuncer, G. Arslan, E. Maire, L. Salvo, “Influence of Cell Aspect Ratio on Architecture and Compressive Strength of Titanium Foams”, Materials Science and Engineering A 528 (2011) 7368– 7374.

N. Tuncer, G. Arslan, E. Maire, L. Salvo, "Investigation of spacer size effects on architecture and mechanical properties of porous titanium", Materials Science and Engineering A,530, (2011) pp.633-642.

N. Tuncer, M. Bram, A. Laptev, T. Beck, A. Moser, H.P. Buchkremer, “Study of metal injection molding of highly porous titanium by physical modeling and direct experiments”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, y 214 (2014) 1352–1360. 

Contact Information:
77 Mass. Ave.