Lab Affiliation(s):
Eytan Modiano
Areas of Expertise:
  • Network Control
  • Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
  • Probability Analysis and Stochastic Processes
Expected date of graduation:
December 19, 2014

Matthew Johnston

  • PhD


  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lab Affiliation(s): 



Eytan Modiano

Top 3 Areas of Expertise: 

Network Control
Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
Probability Analysis and Stochastic Processes

Expected date of graduation: 

December 19, 2014


Thesis Title: 

The Impact of Information Overheads on Network Control

Thesis Abstract: 

Network control mechanisms are used to regulate the flow of traffic and ensure effective data transport in communication networks. Typically, network control actions are taken in response to changes in the network state and necessitate the exchange of information regarding the network state. Understanding the role of this control information in effective network control is important because it directly impacts network performance, and often leads to significant overheads. It is important to investigate strategies for limiting these overheads, without severely affective the performance of the network.


Our aim is to develop a framework for understanding the role of control overheads in wireless com- munication networks. We develop a rate distortion framework to quantify the minimum amount of control information necessary for obtaining a required level of network performance. This theoretical limit on required overhead will be used as a guideline to develop efficient strategies for reducing the amount of network state information in modern network control schemes. This includes strategies for quantizing channel state and queue length information, and conveying network state information infrequently. Additionally, we discuss a timing channel framework that sheds light on these fundamental limits on control information.

Top 5 Awards and honors (name of award, date received): 

Rose Hills Foundation Scholarship, 2007
Dean's Scholarship, 2005
Agoura Hills Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, 2004

5 Recent Papers: 

M. Johnston, E. Modiano, I. Keslassy,(2013),"Channel Probing in Communication Systems:  Myopic Policies are Not Always Optimal," Proceedings of IEEE ISIT 2013

M. Johnston, H. W. Lee, E. Modiano, (2013), "Robust Network Design for Stochastic Traffic Demands," IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology

Contact Information:
77 Massachusetts Ave.
(818) 624-1203