Aeronautics and Astronautics

PhD Candidates

Prof. Nancy G. Leveson
Systems Safety
Julie Shah
Interactive Robotics Group (IRG)
Human-Machine Collaborative Optimization via Apprenticeship Scheduling
J. Peraire
Aerospace Computational Design Lab
An adaptive Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes solver with transition prediction...
Youssef Marzouk
Uncertainty Quantification
Transport maps for accelerated Bayesian computation
David C. Sternberg
Prof. David Miller
Space Systems Laboratory
Sensitivity of Satellite Design and Mission Feasibility to Uncertainties in...
Nancy Leveson
Safety and Security Research Laboratory
Extending and Automating a Systems-Theoretic Hazard Anaylsis for Requirements...

Post Docs

Space Propulsion Lab
Paulo Lozano
Design of a Hydrogen Peroxide based...
Research Projects:
NASA MEP Electrospray propulsion system for...
Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory (...
Karen Willcox
Multidisciplinary and Multi-fidelity...
Research Projects:
DDDAS: Dynamic data-driven methods for self-...
Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment
Steven R. H. Barrett
Bioenergy and its use to mitigate the...
Research Projects:
My work aims to quantify the environmental and...
Itai Y. Stein
Brian L. Wardle
Impact of Morphology and Confinement...